Watford footballers

Watford Football Club has a long history of black players, starting the Cother brothers in 1898. Here are short profiles of some of the best-known.

The beginnings of Watford football club can be traced back to the years when Gladstone was Prime Minister. In December 1870, the Watford Observer carried a report on Hertfordshire Rangers - the forerunners of Watford Rovers.

Watford Rovers was formed by a group of lads in 1881 who had been given permission by the Earl of Essex to kick a football around in CassioburyPark. In 1882, home games began in Vicarage Meadow and a year later, the club's name was changed to West Herts.

In 1898, a rival club, Watford St Mary's, was absorbed by West Herts and the name 'Watford' was formerly adopted. By 1922, Vicarage Road was officially the new home ground.

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The Cother brothers
The first black players in Watford FC were the Cother brothers, who began playing with the team in 1898.
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'Henry' Roy Brown
One of the few black professionals of his day, 'Henry' Roy Brown played for Watford from 1953-1957.
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Cyril 'Sammy' Chung
Sammy's father was Chinese and his mother English. He played for Watford between 1957 and 1965.
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Luther Blissett
Luther Blissett set a string of goal scoring records both for the club and among black players in English football.
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John Barnes
A national icon, John Barnes became known as the 'jewel' unearthed by Graham Taylor.